In Loving Memory of

Our 40up family has lost a very dear friend, beatle7.
Our thoughts and our prays go out to his wife, Nancy, and his family.
He will truely be missed!!

Phil, known to us 40uppers as beatle7 was always one you could
count on to make us all smile. He had a great sense of humor.
And who could ever forget...his famous change of nic over a period
of 2 days...I honestly can't remember how many times he changed it!...
I think I lost count after 4..;-)

Anyone who knew beatle, knew his love for The Beatles. He had an
awesome Beatles page. A job very well done. Like everything that he made,
including one of our 40up banners.

I for one, will miss his support...he was always there when I screamed for
help on anything. And I know everyone of us that knew beatle, will have some
great memories and stories to reflect back on.

So, from all of us beatle......
~~We Will Miss You, Bud!~~
~~God Bless You~~

You are finally home. And we will all meet again.

~~I Am With You~~

I am with the spring time of your life,
when joy is new,
And when summer brings the fullness of faith,
I am with the autumn of your years,
to turn to gold
Every memory of your yesterdays,
to banish winter's cold...
I am with the sunshine,
when your world glows warm and bright....
I am with you's shadows bring long hours of endless night....
I am with you every moment,
every hour of every day....
Go in peace upon life's journey....
For I am with you all the way....

Tribute to beatle7
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