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~40-Up Poem~

40-Up Poem
Written by Colourful

We had a great visit at Casa Del Sol
Sixteen friends gathered here from all over the world!
Americans from Texas, O.K., and Missouri,
Oregon and Washington arrived in a hurry!
Virginia, PA, and NC drove on down,
While MD, MN, and MI flew into town.
A Canadian joined us and who else you wonder?
Even a special friend came from down under!

We ate and we drank, in the hot tub we soaked,
We bobbed in Blue waters with NC and the Hok.
On the porches we sat with Cackie and friends,
We talked and we laughed for hours on end!
Lee, Ro, and Kaiwinn, Annshanks and Kaydee,
Truckr, Gidge, Anni, and good ol' Giffy.
Yappn and Denny kept us amused,
While one another they gently abused.

Chuck grilled on the barbie assisted by Denny,
Truckr wrestled the ribs to make dinner a-plenty.
Colourful kept us well-stocked with sweets,
And Giffy shared his treasures of treats.

Through the week we did walk on the beaches of sand,
And shopped til we dropped, criscrossing the land!
Dolphins joined us for a jaunt on the sea,
Leaping in our wake, so wild and so free!

The weather was perfect throughout our whole stay,
The ocean breeze kept dear old Ivan away!
This trip was relaxing for one and for alló
We loved our week here at Casa del Sol.