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More Trip pics of our 40up group~~Please feel free to browse..;-)

Flower Girls~Java & Hok

Java & Hok

Debbie, Java & Hok

Java & Tazarie


Zig &..The Girls!


Grants' Farm Gang

Deb, Java,Hok, Taz, John, & Jeff

Hok~The Goat Girl

Hok~Lunch for Goats!

Our Waitress at Schneidhorst~Susan

Vicki, Kaydee & Zig

Another view of the Arch

View of the Arch & Stadium

Yappys visit to the U.S.
~Delaware Stop~Jan. 26-28, 2001

The Gang~ at Ocean City

Yappy, Hok, Ruddy Chas & Penquin

MD Standing on a bench~
Why?~~I don't know..;-)

Penguins Twins

Penquin & Cackie


Yappy & her menu

Yappy Shopping

Cackie Shopping

Bob & Zoo

Penquin & Chas

Cackie & Hok

Kathy & Ed~Tazdevil


Hok, Yappy, Ruddy, Cackie & MD

Dinner at Red Lobster

Hok, Tazdevil, Kathy, Zoo & Bob

Ruddy, Hok & Bob

Ruddy, Cackie & Zoo~chatting at Hotel

More Yappy Trip Pics!


Vic, Ari & Yappy

Zoom-n-in & Ari

TWG, Zoom-n-in, Vic, Chris, Yappy, zemskova & Ari


Kaydee, Taziree & lynnmaire~map reading

Lynn, Kaydee & Taziree at lovers leap

Yap, Taziree, Lynn & Kaydee


Ride Em Cowboy
{Yap, Kaiawin & ng}

Yappy ng & Alan

Kaiawin & Corky


RunwithScissors, JimO, Yappee & Nightowl
Yappee, JoyB, Nightowl & bisoubou
Multnomah Falls

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