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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk 2001

Springfest~Ocean City
Penquin, Ruddyduck, TheHok & Chas

Springfest~Ocean City 2
Chas, Ruddy,Hok & Penquin

Penquin & Chas in O.C.

Mmmmmmm...Funnel Cake
Penquin, Ruddyduck & TheHok

WHUT!?~ Funnel Cake?
Penquin, Ruddyduck & TheHok

On The Bridge
Dan, Christy, Ruddyduck & TheHok

Hok & Ruddy on the Bridge

Hok "STOPPING" on Bridge

Hoks' daughter~Christy on Bridge

The Last Mile!!

Looking Back on Bridge

Lunch after the walk
Christy, Ruddy, Hok & Dan

Good-byes after the walk
Hok, Dan, Ruddy & Christy

2001 Bridgewalk Certificate

Springfest Booklet

Dayton Trip~2001

Taziree & Ruddyduck

Taziree from hotel Balcony

Woolfie~Our Host..;-)

Cackie & Woolfie

Gramps, allison & Md


TheHok, Gramps & allison

Taziree~"sticking out her tongue"

Foxie & Gene



Cackie & Lady Fiera~/w BooBoo finger


Foxie, Gene & Md @ resturant

TheHok & Gramps

Indian Burial Mound

Group at top of Indian Burial Mound

Behind Bars...hehe..;-)
Taziree, TheHok, Cackie, Md, Ruddy & Giffy

The Sliding Kids!
Ruddy, TheHok, & Taziree~"nearly falling"..;-)

More sliding..TheHok~barely getting off

More sliding...Ruddyduck..being kewl!

Last slider...Tumbleweed..;-))

Group on Bridge
Md, Foxie, Giffy, LadyFiera, Woolf, Hok & Ruddy

Groups refection in windows~"Kewl!"



Hotel Manager & Cackie holding a "Monkey"

Woolfie & Allison

Allison, Md & Foxie

Foxie, Gene, Cackie & TheHok


And last but not least..I'd like to Thank Woolfie for all he did to help make this weekend a BIG success!!.....Thanks!!!!...from all of us!!...;-))


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