Hi all, I'm "ani" in channel...Pat at most other times.
I live the laid-back life on a farm in Ontario,Canada. Meaning I only work at home where my boss is really easy on me.
I am married and have four wonderful daughters and three perfect grandchildren.
Worked as a nurse but gave that up to raise the girls then took the path of least resistance and .. just forgot to go back.
I love to travel and have met some wonderful 40-Uppers (hi guys!) Pop in and say hi. Coffee is always on. Or we will send yap out for some. :)



Birthdate: April 15 1957

Hi, my nick is annshanks, but my real name is Beth.
I'm from Minnesota, and although in the past few years I haven't been in chat a lot, I used to be every night. I, like Ruddyduck, started out on webTV in talk city and moved to Starlink with the channel. I have met many wonderful people here, some in person, and even though our lives have all changed a bit, they are all still close to my heart, and make me feel at home when in the channel. I am a nurse, although at this moment I'm not working.
I have two adult daughters and six grandchildren. I have a wonderful man in my life (Steve) who also has two children and two grandchildren. We live in the country, and when the kids are here they spend lots of time outside. Steve has taught them how to climb trees, the silo, and built a swing in the hay loft for them. They all love to visit us, and I admit we love having them here. I don't really have any special gifts other than being "Granny" to the kids. I admit I spend a lot of time on the computer. I'm trying to spend more time in chat but when the kids are here I have a difficult time getting there! I look forward to meeting more people there, and since I was a part of the beginning of 40-up I hope we laid the groundwork well for those that care to join us. There are so many wonderful people there, they have helped me through some very tough times in my life. So....hope everyone has a good time, see you in 40-up!

Birthdate: January 9, 1945

My nick is Gidge in the room but my name is Linda VanMarter. I was born and lived in Eugene, OR but moved just outside Portland about 26 years ago. My husband Jim is ^Truckr in the chat room. We were married in August of 2005 after having dated in the mid 60's, going our seperate ways and reunited in 2002. On our first date we went to see "Gidget" and Gidget Goes Hawaiian" and we spent our honeymoon in Hawaii. Hence the nick "Gidge". I had a long career in outside sales and really loved it. The last few years of my career were with a gift company. I traveled quite a bit with my job and now that I'm retired I haven't stopped traveling! Jim and I have a large 5th wheel trailer and we spend nearly full time camp hosting in Oregon state parks. We have 2 Dachshunds who are our little 'travel hosts'.


I am 51 yrs old, live in Pennsylvania, have 9 children between 2 marriage and am currently single and available ladies! Hobbies are camping, hunting, gardening, talking in chat room. Girl in the picture with me is my daughter.


Birthday: February 19, 1958
Homepage: the "JavaHut"

Hi everyone, i'm java :)
I live in the "show me" state of Missouri and if prevoked....i might be inclined to "SHOW YOU" a thing or two (even if ya don't ask)!
(_!_), see...what did i tell ya?!?!?!
I love to chat when time permits and have met some truly special people both in the room and in person at past chat gatherings. A word of CAUTION to you that don't know me...don't and i repeat DON'T always believe what ya hear...especially if it pertains to my DRIVING abilities or how i may or may not play FOLLOW THE LEADER! lies i tell ya.....all lies!!
On occasion, i have been known to "stir" things up (imagine that) when i come in the room, so bear that in mind and know that it's all fun spirited in nature.
I used to be a webbie, way back when...but now have advanced to the use of a puter. as a webbie, i dabbled in the making of a website and here is the link if you would like to take a look, but remember...if you are messy and spill coffee on my pages, i WILL have to ask ya to leave! that in mind...
java :)


I am LindyM and though my heart belongs to the city - NY's capital, I am happy living in the foothills of the Catskills. I am surrounded by two other mountains. An area that I thought was so new to me is where I spent weekends and summers. Small world! Retired early to stay at home but did part time work till I was disabled.Began a new life of struggling to gain mobility again and learn to pace myself on a good day. I have far more good days than bad as of late and I am thankful for that. I love to take rides and 'get lost' - a great way to discover new areas and see so many wonderful sites. I love to knit, crochet (try to create things from a pic) and read. I like to write (articles and poetry) though not written any poetry lately. I live simple and content with what I have. I love to learn about most anything. Raised by my dad, it was requred to be a tomboy thus you'll find me diverse in interests. The love of my life of course is my grandbabies, four (none are babies anymore) and one great- granddaughter. We made a lot of memories together and hoping one day to do the same with the great- grandbaby. I love meeting new people and honesty. I am a good listener and have an odd but good sense of humor. Making people smile makes me happy. It's all about the other guy. If you give of yourself - you will be blessed far more than if you just take.


Birthday: January 12, 1957

My name is kaydee. I'm one of the hosts of #40-up. I'm 12 and a half years old..ok..ok..47..but don't tell anyone k? I am married and have two boys and live in Missouri, and I work at the Prosecutor's office in a small county here. I love all my #40-up friends and I have to say we are one of the most friendliest rooms with the some of the most loveable people online. Don't be afraid to come in and chat..we love having you! I'll see you there soon!



I'm known as MDsilhouette, alias the Maryland Lady, otherwise known to my online friends as MD. And no I am not a doctor! I have 2 great kids, not brag just fact! One to graduate in 1999 from high school, and the other is in the class of 2000. I'm married to my college sweetheart, teach first grade :-) love to read and power walk, and stroll along a beach, or on a forest trail. I've even been known to walk across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!


Hi! I'm Pati. I am from the good old eastern shore of Maryland.
I work in a nursing home and have for almost 33 yrs and still love it, not so much and some staff members, but that is no matter where you go. Been married 39 yrs to Rick and we have a 34 yr old daughter who we are very proud of. She has gone back to school for medical technology. I have a chocolate lab and 3 chihauhau's and one cat and they are all spoiled!


Birthday: March 26, 1955
Homepage: Nancy's Paradise

My nic is NancyLeigh. I've been married to Beatle for 25 years, he's my soulmate and best friend. I have three children, work as an assistant to the President of my company. I enjoy doll collecting, but most of all dancing and spending time with beatle at the clubs on the weekends.



Hi 40-up!My channel nick is and always has been Ruddyduck.Those of you who know me personally know that my name is Lee.I was born & raised in Maryland around the Salisbury area.I have 2 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren,2 boys and 1 girl.I have lived in Maryland most of my life except for a couple of years in Delaware.I presently live in Bivalve,MD.which is a small waterfront community on the NANTICOKE River about 21 miles west of Salisbury,MD.I can count on 1 hand the number of jobs I have had while working,which is a total of 5.So you can see that I did not move around the work force a lot.I retired June,1,2011 after 23 years at Motion Industries as an inside salesperson. My life now consists of relaxing,traveling when possible,dining out,chatting in 40-up,playing softball,hunting,fishing,& sleeping.I have been on 3 cruises,2 to Alaska & 1 to Bermuda. I have a new member of my family,an adopted dog named SKEETER,who is a Pomeranian about 1 1/2 years old.I have been chatting since July 1998 and started on WEBTV on Talk City.I have met lots of wonderful people online and have been fortunate to have met many of them in person.Our 40-up channel will be 11 years old this year and has grown to become a channel where everyone can come in and make their self at home.NEWBIES and present chatters are always welcome.I am looking forward to meeting current chatters at one of our gatherings,Hope to see you in 40-up real soon. We also have a group site on Facebook to keep in contact with some of our past friends and chatters.The group name is 40-up Friends-Present & Past.We have set up this site in order to not lose contact with any of our friends.Contact me if you would like to join this group.I can be found on Facebook under Lee Robertson. By the way,I love my new Job!



Hi I'm tazdevil, AKA Ed. 43, retired from the Army, and working for the Postal don't want to mess with this mailman either. I have a habit of fighting pit bulls and winning. When I am in 40 up you can count on me to do some strange things, and usually I pick on the Yappybrat, but I can cause havoc and make anyone laugh a loud one. I have a gentler side too, when I come in as ED313A, which isn't often, but even as Taz, I can make your day a little brighter. By the way, for all you single ladies, I AM divorced, and UNATTACHED, so keep me in mind. See ya in 40up real soon.


Birthday: November 13 1954
Homepage: "Debbie's Halloween Haunts"

I live in a town outside of Pittsburgh Pa, called Ambridge. I'm a 58 year old widow; with a 36 year old daughter, who sometimes drives me nuts! But, I love her..;-) I also have a 5 year old grandson, William. He's my little guy and keeps me going and keeps me feeling young! I also have a yorkie name Maddie and a cat named Whisper. I will soon have a new addition to my home named Chaplin. A beautiful baby cat. I worked at a hospital in the Operating Room as an Anesthesia Tech..and nooooooo, I don't put people to sleep, but sometimes I wonder !
In my spare time..."lord, what is that"... I love to travel, when I have time and money. I really enjoy, mostly, relaxing at home and working out in my yard. I am also involved with a Paranormal Group called, PROOF PA. Love doing that! Very enlighting and interesting. And last but not least, I love working on my webpages and our 40-up Homepage. I enjoy chatting in the best room on the net and getting to know new people. Sometimes I'm quite, but that's just me sometimes. At least when I'm quite, I'm not getting into trouble. :-)
{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} for my 40-up Friends!



Hi, I'm Tnyankee, another one of the irregulars that hangs at "40-up"...Recently divorced and really enjoying life finally.... I have two great kids and two Super Grandchildren....I reside in Knoxville, Tennessee...Drop me a line whenever the urge hits receiving emails....

Birthdate: April 11, 1944

Hi! I'm ^Truckr. Some folks say that I'm the owner of #40-UP, but the truth is what I do is run around with the Rule Book and make sure that everybody behaves. I was one of the original members of 40-UP when it broke away from another chat channel, and I'm here to say that we have the greatest group of chatters anywhere ! I was born and raised in Southern California. I left when I was 50 and wound up in Northwest Oregon about 10 years ago. When I'm not chatting, I'm a park Host for Oregon Parks and Recreation.


Birthday: June 24, 1957
Homepage: Woolf's Homepage

Hi there, I'm Woolfie, one of the many irregulars that hang out in the room. Soon to be 45 but I'm still a pup. I spent a large portion of my life driving entertainer coaches (the big fancy rock-n-roll buses) and retired from driving at the age of 40. Today I help run a family business where I'm a hired assassin with a license to kill. Before you get the wrong idea, I'm an exterminator…lol. Life's been good to me so I only keep part time hours which leaves me plenty of time for naps and pursuing the joy of photography. My free time is usually spent either behind the camera, in front of the puter, writing music and short stories, or pedaling around on my bike. Stop in the room anytime and enjoy the great company there, you're almost always guaranteed to leave with a smile and feel free to ask anything, if I don't know the answer I'll try to make something up that sounds good!


Hi I'm yappn from Australia. For now I'm a stay at home mum for a hubbby, 3 kids and various animals. From time to time I venture into the working world to gain some travel dollars. My choice of job often gives those sick individuals in channel something to laugh about. Imagine that! lol
Welcome to our lil corner of the world.. pull up a chair.. join in .. and have fun!